K H Blackmoore


The Big plan: To become a world famous author.

How? Why with your help, of course! Just check back occasionally and read my stories. Any you like, tell your friends about!

In return, I will give you a brand new short story to read, every two weeks. It's a deal!
A little bit about myself. At heart I'm not really an author. I'm a reader. Ever since I've can remember, I devour every book I come across. But somewhere along the way I wanted to start giving back. So I've been writing off and on for years.

Mostly short stories, and one that grew into a book. I'm currently trying to get it published. But more importantly, I want to inspire people's imaginations just as countless authors have inspired mine. So for now, I'll settle for letting anyone who wants to read my short stories.

Hopefully, you will find an escape into imaginary worlds with untold wonder. Anything you like just say so. Let me know I'm doing a good job!

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